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Hi Bahadir,

Thanks for the explanations... I had just assumed it was at your home!

Yes, indeed - I had remembered the photo of your "digital rebel son"... that was the comparison I was making in my mind.



It is good to hear from you on this. The photo idea with the violin is indeed very creative of you!

I admire how you have so many interests and abilities! Are you sure we can't coax a photo from you of you with the choir?


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Alan, I think this has also been a good occasion to get to learn our fellow mates' artistic merits in addition to photography!Bynxcan play the piano,Paul can play the organ and yourself; theviolin! Sorry to hear you cannot play anymore.. Nevertheless, glad you can also sing in the choir with me while I can, too, manage the drumson the off days of the drummer :-)

Btw, thanks also for the link and sharing your story of making a familycentered around the passion of music!!

.................................................. ..........

Paul, I'm sonice to seeyou dropped a few more lines.. Meanwhile I passed your congratulations, for which he was so pleased! Wish he sees uncle Paul someday : ) Oh, I think all children who know you, will long to see you!

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pj1974 wrote:
...........The photo idea with the violin is indeed very creative of you!
Thanks, Paul.

pj1974 wrote (elsewhere: )
Great idea!!! And cool "movements". I can just imagine Vivaldi's four seasons from the light motion!
Funny you should say that. A 'Seasons' movement is exactly what he's currently practising for his Grade 8 exam in less than 3 weeks' time. There must be psychic patterns embedded in everyone's exif files. (Or not, as mine all get stripped when I resize with PSP.)
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