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hey, wat's wrong with taking pictures of a candle?

if it helps you build up your skills, and provides you with entertainment and education...then wat's wrong with it?

i don't carry my bag everywhere....but i'm thinking i will when i get my new camera...

well, this shot is VERY VERY nice for a first try! you got great detail in his eyes

it'sa bit noisy...but a change in your camera's settings should fix that (lower ISO)

anyway, keep shooting, and carrying your camera around





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Yes, I agree about the candle...completely. I wasn't making fun of him/her...I have just done similar things and gotten some bizarre looks. I'm getting better at blowing off the looks, but some people are so closed-minded! At a baseball game, a mom and daughter were sitting on the grass, sharing these loving looks, and I crept over on my belly so they wouldn't see me and took the shot. Then I told her (she is a friend) about the shot. I could hear people talking about me and it really grated on me at the time. I try to just fill my head with, "I can't wait to see this shot!"

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aladyforty wrote:
Im still not brave enough to take one shot, Over here in western Australia road deaths are marked on the highways with white crosses, no more than a foot high. There is a bad stretch of road not far from here where three people died together so there are three crosses. One of my photo club subjects soon is called "dramatic viewpoint" and I was thinking that a shot of the crosses with a car wizzing by would be a great shot but it means laying down on the roadside with a camera looking a bit strange:-)Ive yet to get brave enough.
I guess there are always shots we'd like to take, but don't for one reason or another. For me, my biggest problem was/is self-consciousness. I've got a list of shots I'd like to take, organized by location, time of day, conditions, etc. but some of these shots require me actually asking strangers if I can roam about their property, so that's not too likely to happen soon.

Then there are the shots we shouldn't take... (I'm not suggesting that your shot is one of these) I remember a story in Readers' Digest years ago by a famous news photographer. Once, early in his career, he was dispatched to a tragic accident scene. A man had accidentally run over his grandson on his driveway. The photographer walked into the man's house and there he was, sitting in his kitchen, lit by the late afternoon sun angling in through a window. He was bowed with grief ina halo of dust motes. The photographer went through his mental checklist: exposure, shutter speed, composition. The shot was perfect. All the elements were there. But he didn't take it.He turned and left the house, leaving the man to grieve in digninty. He felt it wasn't his shot to take.

Kind of maudlin, but it has influenced me in many ways over the years, even though I have just come to photograpny very recently. Because of this story, I avoid intruding on the private grief of others. I do not point my lens where it is not invited, though there are many opportunities to grab an image that intrigues me.

Again, Julie, I am not suggesting that the shot you see in your mind's eye is one of these shots, I was just reminded of that story. And I apologize to the rest of you for hijacking this thread with my little aside.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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Tom I would never put my camera in an intrusive situation either. The shot I wanted to take has been done before by newspapers, usually to influence people to stop speeding, I would like to try it but like you say, self consciousness stops me.
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