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Hi, I have purchased a "white label" Hitachi 6gb microdrive (3K6-6) from a broken Rio Carbon player. :? Silly me.

The card is: model=HMS360606D5CF00, part/n= 0A40272. It does not have a "CF+ Type II" written on the label.

Before buying I have checked the model's specifiction and it said: "CF+ Interface". Section 2.4 in http://www.hitachigst.com/tech/techl...256FAC00656B41 so I hoped it would work ok.

Unfortuantely, the card does not work in my Canon G5 at all and Windows XP laptop is also not able to install/access this card using a PCMCIA adapter. I have no USB card reader. My Canon G5 will also reboot:? itself after 5 seconds trying to format the card.

One possibility is the card is "dead" but I can not even verify this!

Anyone had any experience with a simmilar/same card. I would appreciate any confirmation why this card does not work (e.g. it is a "true IDE" only end of story)
Any comments?

P.S. I have a 1gb IBM microdrive since 2001 and never had any problems.
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When the 4GB creative Muvo2 came out, it was possible to pull the 4GB Hitachi MD out and use it in your digital camera. However, at some point Hitachi (or Creative) started using a microdrive that was NOT compatable with digital cameras, so from that point on, you could not pull the MD out of MP3 players and use them in a camera. I think something similar happened with iPods too.

Hitachi began making a microdrive exclusively for the MP3 market that was not compatable with digital cameras.

So it is very possibe that the 6GB Hitachi MD is NOT compatable with digital cameras.

Perhaps someone else can verify or refute this.
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