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Olympus says there are things that the camera cannot do unless I use an Olympus card.

Other brands might be less expensive. Do you know what these things are?
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I think the only difference is the the Olympus xD cards support the panorama function in the cameras. If you use another brand xD card, the panorama function will be disabled. Can't be that much difference in price between brands, is there?

the Hun

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Old Dec 13, 2006, 9:12 AM   #3
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I own an olympusc-5000. In searching for the lowest priced xd cardsover a year ago, I realized several things. Since Fuji and Olympus are the only cameras using xd cards there aren't a lot of manufacturers ofthose cards. This may actually be a good thing as you don't have to worry about some off brand not being read in your camera. I would stick with sandisk, fuji or olympus (they may all be made olympus or sandisk, anyway). You can get a 512 forunder 40 dollars (maybe substantially less during the holiday season).

What I would do is find the best price then bring in the ad to a competitor with the highest price...often times they match it and then give you 10% of the difference as well. I would go on line to best buy, circuit city, target, walmart and sears to compare prices. Of course that depends on what retailers are in your area.


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also.....as I understand it....the only reason you must use olympus cards is for the "panoramic" mode
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I can varify that in the Olympus C-700 series and Fuji S5100 and S200 cameras you must have an olympus card to do Panarona shots.

Also I find the cheapest prices on xD cards are at bhphotovideo.com

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Old Feb 5, 2007, 4:25 PM   #6
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I think Olympus may have some programming imedded in the card for panarama
My Olympus XD card Type H was manufactured by Samsung and packaged by Sandisk , MY Fuji Type M is manufactured by Toshiba and packaged as a Fuji.
Both Olympus and Fuji told me they each manufacture their own cards. Here in the USA it appears only Olympus marked Xd cards available in type H. I will pick up an Olympus packaged 1G type H eventually.

My Olympus card stopped working properly after 2 shots, it wouldn't initilize in my camera. Local store re formatted it and it's been ok since.
Fuji tech claimed sandisk was an inferior card and I should get a Fuji brand (of course he did). Anyway I did pick one up and it's been fine but slower than the Type H.

Since I had the Olympus Type H reformatted at the local store I've had no problems with it.

I keep both a CF and Xd card in the camera (1 gig ea) I use the CF (133X card) as my primary card and the Xd cardavailable as a backup or for RAW shooting as the Fuji S9100 has a bit faster write speed to an XD especially in RAW mode.

I don't think in the end it makes a bit of difference who's card you purchase as they can be made by anyone and screen printed with a name by anyone else, then shipped to another company for packaging and distrobution.

Now I look at the back of the package and see where the card was manufactured. I've seen Taiwan, China, Japan, S Korea on various packages. Take your pick.

I'll also get a 512Mb card (CF) to use for taking images to the local printer.
I do use a card reader, found one that reads 21 different styles at Wal-Mart for $30.00. Seems to work well. My son has a Sony camera so he uses the memory Stick's and this reader supports CF/Xd/Memory stick/ and others
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