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thinkposeytive Feb 8, 2007 10:05 PM

hi, i seriously need help, got a nikon d100 from a friend , it had no memory though. i bought a 4 gb compact flash from dane -elec, but it is way to small to fit in the slot.i found a specification paper that says it works with the compactflash and a 512/1gb ibm microdrive. ichecked ebay, and forund that there is a microdrive as well as a microdrive adapter.

which one do i need, how do i connect the compactflash to that, etc..

i have no instructions how the camera operates and would be thankful for any help to get it figured out..thanks

blonde * thinkposeytive:?

JimC Feb 8, 2007 11:00 PM

I would probably avoid the older microdrives like that.

A CompactFlash Card will fit in your camera.

There are two types of CompactFlash cards. One is CompactFlash Type I (the vast majority of CompactFlash cards will fall into this category. The other is CompactFlash type II, which is a slightly thicker card with the same width and height. Microdrives are CompactFlash Type II.

Either type will work in your D100. So, it sounds to me like you didn't get a CompactFlash card, or you're trying to put in someplace it doesn't belong if the one you bought is too small.

There are many types of memory cards. If your card looks too small, you probably bought something other than a Compactflash card (Secure Digital and a number of other card types are physically smaller than Compactflash).

Here's a link to a manual for your camera:

You may also find it's review here helpful:

Here is some information on memory card types:

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