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stallen Nov 9, 2004 11:28 PM

I am planning on getting the Sandisk Extreme III Compact Flash as soon as it's available later this month. I am using a Sony V3 and I am currently using an older memory stick pro (not the newer "high speed" mem stick pro). When I shoot pics in raw format I would guess that it takes about a 10 second lag between pictures. Does anyone have experience with either the Sony V3 or maybe the Sony F-828 with one of the higher speed memory cards available. Is the lag time much improved?

I figure the newer high speed cards are fast, but the camera has to have the ability to send the information to the card as fast as the card can receive it, right?

korbs Dec 16, 2004 9:14 PM

I'm in the same boat! What has been your experience with your V3 and Extreme III?? I do believe that the Extreme III in a Mem stick instead of CF will perform much better. Take a look at DPreviews review on V3 timing and spec section He uses the Extreme III CF. My Sony MSPro(15Mbps or 1.875MB) black stick gets the same or slightly better times than he gets a Sandisk Ultra II MS with 9MB/10MB capabilities. I'm thinking Sony High Speed gets all we can get out of the V3 and that SONY MS seems to work better than SD MS. Supposedly not but on my timings it a lttle better with a card spec'd to be slower. Anyway please let me know your experience.

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