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slimylime Dec 9, 2004 8:07 PM

quickly, i've read through the forum and have done:

1. formatted my CF via camera

2. unplugged all other USB devices and tried to access card. also uninstalled/installed all drivers.

3. bought a new CF, experienced same problem

4. formattedCF (new and old)via cpu (FAT, not FAT32)

5. downloaded Digital Image Recovery and "recovered" images on old CF

6. tried all of the above on 2 different computers


cpu recognizes the card and reader as present but A) gives me a "safely remove drive" icon/option in thestartbarAND B) a "cannot read, file or directory is corrupted or unreadable" error message.

as far as the Image Recovery software, it "recovered" several photos but none are viewable (via preview, thumbnail, photoshop, fireworks..."unrecognized file format). all files are 300+KB size and appear to be JPEG.

camera appears to be reading and writing to the card just fine...i can take and then review photos on the LCD.

i've used this camera and the old flash for a couple years and have had no problems ever before.

camera: nikon cp 950

pc system: xp pro

CF: simple tech (old), PNY (new)

reader: memorex

sorry to post on this subject yet again buti really just want my stuff back!

thanks in advance for any help.

steve Dec 12, 2004 4:01 PM

Suggest you buy a new USB 2.0 card reader. Sandisk or Lexar brand - they're pretty cheap these days. You also know you'll have the most compatible hardware for Win XP to work with.

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