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Has anyone tried a Minolta SD to CF Adapter on a Canon or Nikon Digicam? I happen to have several 1G and 500mb SD cards for my PDA. Rather than buying CF cards for my CF Canon and CF Nikon, I though I might buy the adapter. But I'm not sure about compatibility or durability.

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i have and it works. i have it just in case. but CF is't going anywhere for a while so going nuts on SD isn't the answer right now and volumewise its a little short too. my 1Dsm2 and 1Dm2 have both slots. capacitywise CF can grow faster vs SD just by package capacity alone. with SD its a little more complex each time they try to squeeze more in and maintain quality and yield. the proverbeal 10 pounds of @$% in the 5 pound bag concept.

the fact that we have 12, 17, 22 and higher MP imagers keeps it going just fine. each time they up SD volume a certain amountCF doubles it. the current SOA (state of the art) SD card is 2GB and thats just showing up. 8GB for CF coming out of the gate.

wow! it went up in price. i paid $45 for mine a year ago. go figure. oh it is durable.

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It would seem there is every possibility that it may work OK. According to this reviewer, he has used it with a Canon S1 IS. http://www.epinions.com/content_139025747588

A number of reviews suggest it would besuitable with 'most' compact flashcompatible cameras.

To be on the safe side, ask the retailer if they know for sure if it would work. They could always try it first if you ask them nicely. Or ask them if you can return it, no strings, if you find it doesn't work.


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just an addendum

cameras it has workin with no problem

canon EOS1Ds

canon EOS1Dmk2

canon EOS1Dsmk2

minolta A1, D7Hi

Olympus C5050z

nikon F100

Nikon D2H


i have formatted it in my computer using the adapter with no ill affect.
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