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Kulam Jul 13, 2005 8:13 PM

The new, ultra-fast MMCs are capable of transmitting data at 52MBytes per second, up to twenty times faster than existing MMCs, by supporting wider x4 and x8 bus widths.

The MMC plus, which runs on 3.3V and is three times faster than SD ™ Memory Cards, represents a strong memory solution for digital cameras. A 512Mbyte MMC plus card will provide storage space for 250 pictures of five-megapixel quality or three hours of QVGA-class video. Samsung TechWin's latest five-megapixel ultra-slim light-weight digital camera, Kenox #1 is using MMC plus as their external memory source.

from Samsung Press Release website.

im currently using a Casio EX-Z40, which i know barely utilizes hi speed cards. but am planning to upgrade soon to either a EX-Z750 or a S500 soon, and iwant to take advantage of theMpeg4video recording to its hilt. i alsodownload my picsvia a card readerusb 2.0 tothe computer.i wonder what thecamerapros (thats all of you my friends) think which one willbe faster. i still bet my eggs on the hi-speed SD, but hey, wanna hear what you guys think.

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