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What's the difference between a memory stick (used in most of Sony cameras) and a memory card (used by Nikons, Canons etc)?

Somebody told me that memory cards are not reliable and their life is short, where as memory sticks are reliable and have a very long life.

* Now is that really true?

* Should I go for a camera that holds a memory stick rather than a memory card?

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Truth is that someone (Sony?) is spewing out BS.

Memory card is general term for all these medias used by digital cameras.
Sony's overpriced Memory Stick is one type of memory cards and uses exactly same Flash-memory modules than other memory card types.

Compact Flash is available in widest range of capacities and best prices. (if you search little, price differences between shops can be huge)

Compact Flash cards come in two type, I and II.
Both have similar connection and size except type II is little thicker and used almost exclusively by MicroDrives which contain very small hard drive meaning moving mechanical parts and that they don't tolerate much shocks and vibration. Also because of their design they can't operate at high altitudes.
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Memory sticks are no more (or less reliable) than other forms of memory. They are also in reality no more expensive than their CF and SD cousins. A year or two ago memory cards were definitely more expensive, but if you search a few websites (for example Best Buy.com) you will find the prices are virtually the same at the most common sizes (256, 512, and 1Gb). Memory in general is very cheap and getting cheaper every day. I would not base my buying decision on memory. What counts is image quality, ease of use (depending on skill level), and features needed.
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Y'day I visited a Sony Dealer (I reviewed SONY DSC S60 4.0 MP camera) and one of their salesman really said everything bad about memory cards. He nearly made me believe that memory sticks are better than memory cards (as memory cards die soon.)
I was comparing prices of memory cards and memory sticks(which are a bit on the expensive side).

Now I came to know that that was crap.
Look what salesmans do to sell their products.

Thanks guys for clearing my doubts.
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This is like the VHS-Beta War (or the DVD war between Sony and Toshiba), in these war of the standards Sony Lost.

SONY's Memory stick is their own standard, while the CF, SD, MMC, etc are the agreement and collective effort of groups and consortium. The technology is basically the same , exept microdrive. All of them used flash memory, this memory is based on silicon and before the develeopment of flash, we have to settle for EEPROM or Battery backed up CMOS RAM. Sony is more expensive because you pay for the brand.

And yes, Flash memory has a certain life span. But it is rated atcouple of millions ofwrite cycles. This means that everytime you erase or format it shortens the life. They also tend to develop bad sectors but it is transparent to the user because there is a built-in system to mask the bad sectors. If you use i t in cameras or MP3 playre in which you write once in a while, it is of no issue but if you use it as a "harddisk" for a computer where there are constant writing every second, maybe the memory will die in less than a year (even Sony Memory Stics)

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