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Hi all I just received my A-data 1gb 50x SD Card in preparation for my first digicam (which I'll be getting this week), and I had some problems off the bat...

First of all I dunno why but I was compelled to format the new sd card, even though it didn't ask to format upon inserting it into my laptop's built in card reader the first time. I formatted it using FAT32, using window's quick format. After that I copied a rather large (~600mb) video file just to test it out, and it took a few minutes to finish copying to the card. I played the video from the card and it worked fine, and then I just took the card out (without usingwindows' safely remove hardware tool). Everytime after that, whenever I put in the card and tried to access it, it would ask to reformat the card, which upon doing that, would not finish formatting (neither quick nor full format options), and deny my access to the card, which in turn would stall some windows for a few minutes. Not even using the hardware removal tool would work (it would say the device cannot be stopped).

(I left out a few details in the description above like I think I formatted the card a couple times using both FAT and FAT32 just to see what the difference was, but before I copied the video file onto the card. I can't quite remember because I was dead tired and I fell asleep soon after getting the problem)

In the end, however, I looked up my problem with formatting, and came across another site's forum with a link leading to the SD Card association's formatting tool (http://www.sdcard.org/Downloads.aspx). First of all I tried using the quick format optioin for my card, and it will keep popping up a message that said the card was write protected even though it wasn't. That just got my hopes down even more, thinking I had a busted card or a busted reader. I decided to give the full format option (with no erase) a try since I had nothing else to try, and voila...it went through the format, I copied some image files, accessed them from the card, removed/inserted the card again into the reader and accessed it again and all seems to be well...

I'm going to try copying the same video file again to see if it'll work this time, but does anybody know what the heck happened to my card? Was there something I souldn't have done? I'm removing the card through windows' hardware removal tool from now on, so hopefully this won't come up again...
I just hope the card doesn't fail on me when I go on a trip and take some fantastic pictures.

just copied the large video file over again and it works. Removed and inserted the card again into the reader and i can access the file still. HOWEVER......now I can't delete the file off of the card. It keeps saying there is another program using it also and cannot be deleted. I know sometimes windows has a problem with video files (or at least I know I have had problems with that), and it usually turns out to be the windows' auto preview thing for video files or whatever. Anyway I'm going to restart and see if it'll delete this time. Anybody have any other suggestions? If restarting doesn't work...I'm going to have to format the card again...
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