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Kynetx wrote:
Sorry, I gotta call bull on this one. There is no way they could get that kind of data density out of a memory card.
You know, there used to be a time that getting even 1 meg on a card was a big impossibility. I remember when it used to require 8 full size chips to get 256K. I had a board with 96 of those chips to create 3 meg. Never say never. This goes back to my initial reply in this thread. We can't imagine today what tomorrow will bring.
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Read my post again. I think this is a classic case of overstatement. Sure, in 10 years terabit/byte cards may be a possibility. Not any time soon though. The 64-bit memory architechture of the new Athlon processors can address up to a terabyte I think, but there is no memory technology that exists to accomodate such a huge amount of storage in a reasonable space.

I think that kind of memory density is more than is theoretically possible even with holographic memory.
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