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Default 3 week memory solutions?

Since a quick visit to jessops has us ditching the KM Z2 and being now far more intrested in the A2 8mp prosumer types our memory needs will rocket.

For daily stuff a 256-512 will do us, but were off to NZ soon and our last holiday we took 1200-1400 film pics.

I dont want to spend zillions on CF cards only never to use them again. And I dont want to get a nice A2 type camera and then shoot at 2mp for file size...

Options are :

(a)2~ish gig of CF cards 200+ Expensive and long term not nessicary

(b)512mb CF + 2.2gb microdrive. Just how reliable and usable are the type II microdrives? I dont want to loose the whole lot by droping the camera lightly. I assume there less reliable than standard HDD's but how much less?

(c) some sort of mass storage device. I see stand alone CD burners and HDD based systems. Cheapest I see is about 160 for a cd version and 200 ish for a HDD based version. The CD versions double as a cd burner (no need for that) and a card reader (15 or so). Some of the HDD based versions double as MP3 players, but I have no need off a portable mp3 jukebox realy.

Anyone used any type of mass storage device (other than a laptop - dont want to card that round in NZ).

Any other tips for 3+ weeks away with digi cameras? Car charging etc?

Will get the camera soonish and see how the memory goes, guess we dont have to take everything at 8mp and fine/super. thats 4mb per pic...
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The usual answer is c.

The other option is to being a laptop and store it in the hotel (or wherever you are staying.) That way you only need enough CF cards to last you a day, and then you can download every night.

The downside with the portable hard disks is that they have limited battery life. Every one I've heard of might ship with a large hard disk (30-40G) but they can only take around 5G on a single charge before they run out of power. That is not that much, in my eyes. So you have to have power, either an external pack (adds weight and cost) or get to a charger every few days.

With my 6.1MP camera I can store a bit over 400 best JPG in 1 1G card. I can store only about 140 RAW files on that same card. Assuming linear scaling of image size (which is probably wrong) you need about 4-5G worth of space in my estimation for JPG. But that is just a guess.

You will certainly want a car charger and extra battery so you use one battery while charging the other while you drive.

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Microdrives aren't that fragile. If one were to truly wrecked it due to physical impact, your camera case would be dented and the lens would probably fall out of alignment too (assuming the card was in camera).

If I were in your shoes, I'd be more selective with the shots. Take smaller sized images for the everyday memory preserving snapshots and reserve the full sized for the ones that count.

With option A, you could always sell excess cards upon your return trip.
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