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I've never seen such low prices for Microdrives, but my friends say to stick with memory cards. Can Microdrives lose images and fall apart? What's your experience?

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Yes, pros do not use them.
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Sure Microdrives can work well if you handle them carefully.
But fact is that they're extremely fine tolerance mechanical devices which makes them fragile, even negligible small drop could break them if shock just happens in right angle. And when miniature disc is rotating they're even more sensitive meaning I would avoid hard/sudden camera movement when it writes to card.

For comparison solid state memory cards are like what it says, they don't have single moving part which means they can survive very hard shocks/drops as long as physical packaging stays intact.
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I have been using microdrives since about 2002 (IBM then, now Hitachi) and all of my microdrives are still going strong. I just retired my single 340MB microdrive, but my 5 others are still in daily use.

The price per GB is what makes them a good value. Try finding a 4GB CF card for $60.

Unless you are very rough on your equipment, they should last, mine have.
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Ditto, mine have performed flawlessly (all Hitachi). As far as "pros do not use them", I would disagree with that statement. I have a good friend that is a "pro", he travels to cat shows all over the world almost every weekend and uses Hitachi microdrives in all of his dSLRs and his S7000 and has never had a failure in several years of use. It was his opinion of microdrives that helped make my decision to go with them. I can't speak to the reliability of other 1" CF form factor drives (Magicstor, Seagate, Western Digital, etc.), but I can say that my experience/knowledge withHitachi microdrives has shown them to be reliable and cost effective. Oh yes, almost forgot to mention, solid state CF cards can and do fail also, read any photo forum and you will see recent posts about write errors and failures.


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