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Default all the different kinds of cards

Could someone direct me to a site where there is a good explanation of all the different types of cards, memory sticks and microdrives. Thanks
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try this first...


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the basic differences in the types of cards today is the form factor.

the original form factor is the :

compactflash- this is used by approx 85% of digital cameras it is the most accepted and currently versitile designs. memory ranges from as of this writing 8MB to 1GB in both solid state and spinning media. mem controller in the card

Smartmedia- flatter design. controller in the camera mem in the card current max is 128MB soon going to 256MB

memory stick- a sony designed memory device. a good way to collect design royalties from other mem manufactures and marketers. current limit 128MB going to 1GB soon. newer design called the Duo.

SD secure digital and multimedia cards- postage stamp size mem difference between each other is the sd has a copy security devise embedded in it for copy right management. form factor the same. popular with pda users. currently up to 512MB

XD- new kid coming on the block prototype cameras and printers just beginning to show up. promising oodles of memory beyond the 1GB mark. supposed backward compatible with adapter to cf cards. coming to a store near you in 2003

more to be added as i dig
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Default Just a few observations...

We're fortunate in the States to have a competitive price on CF flashes... In most parts of the world (Europe/Asia) the Smartmedia hold a price advantage (ie may be due to the abscence of the controller chip and extra connector).

Smartmedia is usually confined to lower/mid-priced vs CF on higher end cameras or brands, with some cameras accepting both...

BTW the MemoryStick was the 1st device with copyright management (they hold a lot of intellectual properties to protect against MP3 players) forcing the Smartmedia camp to follow suit with SD... we then have Duo and then we have a counter strike with XD... The consumers never care!

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In my opinion, only buy camera that accept CF flash and recheargeable AA batteries!

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