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6rendel Aug 26, 2002 6:04 AM

Am I the only one with this reader?
My sis is the art director for a health professional journal and they had mostly used macs for the graphics. As they frequently get newer equipment she asked me if I wanted a cf reader I said sure. It turned out to be a small box that accepted a pcmcia card which the cf module was inserted into. The interface for it is scsi since I had a scsi adapter in my computer anyway that was not a prob. She also gave my two cf flash cards with it an 8 and 16 mb sandisk module. I didn't have a camara at the time but I figured what the heck and purchased the least expensive camara that utilized the cf module. It ended up being the Kodak dc-3200. The 8mb card was recognized immediatly by the camara and the pics also were read from this reader. The 16 mb card was inacceble by the reader as well as the camara. I tried a number of things to get to work and at this time the scsi card I was using was a pci card which could be booted from by the computer. It also had a setup mode accessable when the pc booted. This mode had several options for using the adapter such as the device to use and the scsi transfer modes, etc.. In addition it could verify or low level format the device. And another feature I need to mention was that a removable drive could beset so that windows and dos treated it as a fixed drive. I ended up tossing the 16 mb card but I did sussfully format but the way I did it was a bit on the extreme side I found that the cards got a bit warm when they had been used so I heated the 16 meg card with a cigarette lighter till it got quite warm and sussfully low level formatted it with the bios utility. I also formatted the 8 meg card with no prob. When I inserted the 8 meg card into the camara it no longer worked and I recieved the message to format it. It just did the same thing. The only card I had at that point was the 8 meg but even in dos it was perfectly accessable but the camara's format utility just reported it as faulty and it's format would fail. For awhile I just assumed it was the card. Then on one occation I entered the scsi setup program built into the card itself and again reformatted. This time I told the bios to treat the card a as a regular drive. At this time I had the scsi card software utility "partion magic# which was now showing the card several.
I was convinced the card was defective.

Later I was messing around with partmagic and w

reader Sep 15, 2002 9:03 AM


What you may have done is formatted the CF cards as 32-bit FAT when the camera will only read/write 16-bit FAT. Stop playing with BIOS low-level formats as they are completely unnecessary.

As a rule, don't format your cards with the computer operating system. Format them with the camera. The camera will create directories for your files that are necessary to take pictures.

Partition Magic is for computer hard drives. Refer to the paragraph above and use the camera to format your CF cards.

There is no advantage to making the card a "fixed disk" for SCSI's purposes. Return to your default settings on the SCSI card. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Check the owner's manual or contact the manufacturer to ensure that the SCSI device (the card reader) is compatible with the version of your SCSI card. All SCSI devices are backward compatible but, obviously, not FORWARD compatible. If the device requires a newer SCSI card, it may not work properly.

Keep your cigarette lighters away from your CF cards.

Let us know how it works.

[Edited on 9-15-2002 by reader]

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