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I am planning to get a photobank storage device to transfer files on the go instead of carrying my laptop(many times)

So any recommendations from users here would be great

Thanks in advance

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I own and have used a wolverine flashpack 7000 in the 60GB size for about a year, using it a total of 3 times. I got it for the same reason you want one so I didn't have to carry my laptop with me on a trip last summer. I was not going to be in the hotel much mainly on the go all day long and was afraid to leave my laptop in the hotel room or trunk of the car (for fear it would get too hot). Also at the time all I had was a 2GB and 4GB card for my 9mp camera, although since then I also got a 16GB card as well. I was afraid that on my 5 day trip to Baltimore that I would fill up both cards and be out of shooting space. So I got the Wolverine device (after ,uch debate and help on this forum site from several people)and carried it in my camera bag with me everywhere that I went on that trip. Make sure you carry the AC power cord/chargerin your suitecase so you can keep the device running all week long. I ended up using the AC power cable attached to the device each night to off load my memory cards and then erased them back in the camera.

At the end of 5 days I had ovr 8GB of photos so I would have run out of memory card space without this device. As for the size that you will need. I got the 60GB size since I only planned to use the device 2 to 3 times a year when I was traveling and I figured anything over20GB was gonna be enough for me and the 60GB size at the time was the smallest size they had in stock. Depending on how you shoot and the resolution of your camers you may want anything from 40GB to 120GB. Just try to estomate how many photos you would take add in safety factor of say 30% more than that and then figure out how many MB or GB that would take to save and then you have the approx. size of the device that you need.

I find that when I don't use the device I need to charge it every 3 to 4 weeks to keep it ready for use.

Hope this helps

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Hi nymphetamine ( I like your name)
Have you considered the new HP 2133 Mini PC?
It has 160GB hard disc storage space, a 2GB DDR2 RAM a small 8.9" WXGA Widescreen (better than the 4"on the Wolverine) and of course you can do all you would do with your big PC. It is bigger and with 1,2kg also heavier than the other storage devises but certainly more usable. This all for the same price.
As I am in Australia I only can vouch for the prices here. The Wolverine or the similar Epson P5000 cost close to a 1000 Aus Dollars and the Mini PC 999 Aus Dollars.
Check it out.
Cheers Finzie
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