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Old Apr 28, 2004, 6:56 PM   #1
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Default April Fools?? iOmega new product....

iOmega announced a new product - a 7-in-one combination card reader and ------ get this ------ floppy disk drive combination which they think will be "ideal" for photographers, mobile users, etc.

I'm still trying to find some tape for my ribs which I've undoubtedly damaged from rolling on the floor and laughing uncontrollably!

Oh yes - it's USB (not USB 2 - just USB) and they didn't include the new xD card format.

One has to wonder if iOmega's Marketing and Product Management have totally lost it. When is the last time any of us actually "used" a floppy disk? The floppy disk has gone the way of the parallel and serial port. News flash to iOmega - think DVD and CD??

Now an 8 in one card reader which included xD format, USB 2/FireWire compatibility and a DVD/CD burner might have been an innovative and useful product.

Just imagine off loading your new full 4 gigabyte Hitachi MicroDrive with this USB device. Hmmm - let's see, the warranty expired before I could transfer the files.........

iOmega deserves the Darwin award for this one! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.... :-)

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Old Apr 28, 2004, 7:05 PM   #2
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I disagree. With all the different operating systems and USB support if you had a floppy reader has a lot of backwards compatability in exchange for read speed. At times when you need to download pictures on the road and do not have access to your own equipment you are pretty much assured you will be able to with a floppy reader, while a with a USB device (many of which are on the market so that's not much of a new product) you have a much smaller chance of success.
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Old Apr 28, 2004, 7:10 PM   #3
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Not to be argumetative, but how many files do you really think you can fit on a 1.44 meg floppy disk?

I don't know about you, but few of my cameras produce full sized files anywhere near as small as 1.44 megabyte. Most of my cameras produce jpgs which are far larger than 1.44 meg and many of them produce native files of over 18 megabytes per.

At USB 1 speed, I would be out of battery before I transferred a single card full and that's a small card.

This product makes absolutely zero sense.

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Old Apr 29, 2004, 3:47 AM   #4
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I think I'm with Lin on this.

FDD ceased to be usefull a long time ago - thus Iomega's attempt at a new standard with zip.

OK - if its a card reader/fdd combi fine, no problems, but where the USB2? That is inexcusable today.

Its one of those why bother products. USB FDD isnt exactyly sought after (and a USB 1.1 FDD is OK) but theres already tons of card readers and there mostly pennies. Chances are I'd have on or the other.

As to putting pic files on fdd thats a total joke, mebbe with 1-2mp cameras but why would you?

Long term storage isnt an option with so few per disk, and fdd isnt reliable.

Transfer? sure , ok , for a handfull of pictures, up to 5mp or so. But personaly I'd just email them anyhow. If not I'd burn a CD (whic are probably cheaper than fdd now anyhow - havnt seen fdd prices for 5 years at least).

A product with little or no market. Even their click drive is patheticaly small for todays higher spec cameras.
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