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I recently purchased two 512 meg SD cards by ATP, based on tests performed by a correspondent on another forum (60x or 10mbps)

I wanted to see how much continuous higher res video I could get on the card with my new Dimage Z2 (640 by 480 at 30 fps) before either the buffer, or the card gave up. I filmed for about 7 or 8 minutes before the camera went to final save, and the result played back perfectly on the camera display. However, the file uploaded at 471 mb only, and when I tried to play it back on the computer, I got a message from QT that it did not recognize the format of the resultant .mov file.

I have been able to duplicate this phenom twice, although the first time I thought the card still had space, and went on to shoot several more fine res (4mp) photos.Strange as it may seem, the seven minute movie and the pictures all played on the camera, but after uploading them to my computer, none were viewable in QT or the Windows XP JPEG slideshow. I switched to other software, and when I clicked on any of the photo files, I only got a single frame from the movie (presumably FAT was screwed up). Hence the second attempt, but without the additional photo files (in other words just a single 471 mb MOV file on the 512 mb card - unreadable).

If Jim is reading this - what do you make of this? Is it me, the card, or the camera? If you think it is the card, I would like to return them both before it is too late. I am ashamed to say I just recommended the ATP cards to someone else on this forum, based on the price and the review. Next time I'll be more careful to carry out my own tests.

10 mbps Kodak cards are available locally for a good price. Does anyone have experience with those.

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The FAT (File Allocation Table) was probablycorrupted. I'd format the card using the camera menus before using it and see if the problems go away. If not, then you may have a problem with your USB drivers causing corruption during the file transfer, or you could have a conflict with another USB device.

You may want to update your USB drivers if you've gone to SP2. See Kalypo's post here:


I've seen numerous reports of USB problems after SP2 (intermittent failures to connect, etc.),and removing and reinstallingall USB related drivers seems to be a common fix (although, Kalypo's method of updating the drivers is probably easier if it works).

I'd probably get a card reader and try it, too (a USB 2.0 Card Reader will be much faster compared to transferring from the camera anyway).

As far as various brands of media, Secure Digital was jointly developed by Sandisk, Panasonic, and Toshiba. Most other manufacturers are just using rebranded components from the "Big 3" SD manufacturers. I don't know which component supplier ATP uses.
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