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Stevekin Jun 30, 2004 1:56 PM

Does anybody have a definitive answer as to the most suitable CF card for the Dimage A2 ? Can the A2 make use of the faster cards, eg: Lexar (40x) or Sandisk Ultra II (66x) or would it be just as happy with a "normal" speed card, 8x, 12x etc.

I appreciate the benefit of faster cards when downloading to my computer but apart from that will there be any benefit at all with them for the A2? The above two fast cards seem to be popular but my final choice is not restricted to them only and i would like to hear fromevery one with an A2 as to their (valued) experience.(With the camera & choice of card)

Thanks in anticipation,

Stevekin (My first post, so hello to everybody!!)

Jun 30, 2004 11:26 PM

I recently got a 12X card to use in a Canon D30 (I have the A1 now). The card was noticably much slower than my 1 Gig Microdrive that I normally use. During an outdoor shoot, I actually got annoyed so much that I switched after about 10 pictures.

There ia a CF speed comparison database here: Although it covers the speed in higher-end DSLR's, you can get a good idea of which cards are the fastest.

Stevekin Jul 1, 2004 3:41 AM

Thanks for the pointer Kalypso,but while i understand that different speed cards may perform differently in different cameras (no i don't have a thing for the word different, just didn't have my Thesaurus to hand), i wanted to know if the Dimage A2 would benefit from faster speed cards in terms of performance or would the on board 64mb sdram buffer render them pointless.The crux of the matter is: will i be wasting money buying something like Lexar (40x) or Sandisk UltraII (66x) or not.

I am awaiting delivery of my Dimage A2 so am not able to try any testing myself yet and thought i might be able to hit the ground running when i got it!

Thanks again,


kingalive Jul 1, 2004 8:25 AM

i recently tested a dimage a2 with my 4gb microdrive and sandisk 256mb standart. the microdrive was much!!!!! faster than the sandisk cf-card.


Stevekin Jul 1, 2004 10:26 AM

Thanks for the input Kingalive, but i am more concerned with card speed rather than capacity as i am aware with 8mp ccd i will need at least 512mb to start off with.

I just need to know if i will be wasting my cash on faster cards. I have seen differing opinions as to whether the Dimage A2 can or cannot make use of them so i'm hoping other A2 owners could tell me what they have found, as unfortunately Konica Minolta do not seem to give a preference.

Thanks, Stevekin

Altos Jul 1, 2004 1:12 PM

You are not alone in seeking a response to this question. I am in the

exact / near same position. I have a new A2 and a "standard" SanDisk 512mb card.

I am debating whether acquiring a 12x or 40x card would offer faster write times

and (therefore) less blank time on the EVF between shots. Hopefully someone out there has some experience.


CastleDude Jul 1, 2004 1:56 PM

I have an A2 and a 1GB 40x Lexar + 512M Sandisk UltraII. If you can come up with some way of doing a benchmark I would be happy to try and post my results. I don't have any of thelower speed stuff.

I would like to see what kind of speed the Hitachi 2GB Drive is performing at since it is selling at about the same price as the Lexar 1G.

Stevekin Jul 2, 2004 3:15 AM

Thanks Altos but doesn't the 64mb sdram buffer allow for rapid(fairly) shots anyway ? Thus meaning "less blank time on the evf"

Like you and i suspect many A2 users would like to know if we would benefit at all from faster cards. I just want to know if there is any point to using them other than faster transference to computer.

Stevekin Jul 2, 2004 3:42 AM

Castle Dude, as you already use two of the cards i am considering they are obviously compatible with the A2, but because you haven't used a "normal" speed card we are still none the wiser. Perhaps you could get together with Altos and swap cards to test:lol:

Back to reality now, i emailed (for prices) and they said

"We recommend using SANDISK CF ULTRA II Cards for optimum use with your specification of camera.The write speed is 9MB a sec for shooting fast moving objects."
So i am assuming that the Dimage A2 can benefit from using this type of card.

Does anyone else agree or know any better ??

P.S. to CastleDude, sorry, i have just re-read my post and didn't mean it to sound how it looks, it wasn't meant to be short with you i just don't know how to express tone of voice in print :?

CastleDude Jul 3, 2004 5:45 PM

OK, I decided to design my own benchmark, if any of you have an A2 with another card type I (and I think others) would appreciate you taking a little time and giving us your results:

How I did the test: I set the camera as follows:
Maximum resolution 3264x2448, RAW
High Speed Continuous Advance (three boxes with an H)
Manual Shutter speed of 1/2000
Manual Focus, lens cap on
Inst Playbackoff, Antishake off

My camera has theupdated firmware (V112).

Next I pressed the shutter and held it down to fire off the burst of 3 pictures.

I started the timing at the same time as I pressed the shutter and stopped it when the red light goes out. I repeated each test a few times to average the results.

Times obtained: Lexar 40x 1GB WA card ------------ 32.5 Seconds
Sandisk Ultra II 512M------------37.2 Seconds

This does indicate the card speed matters. Interestingly the Lexar 40x is faster than the Sandisk 66x card.

Lets not do like "that other site" and get too critical of the results. 4 seconds is not a big deal to me since this is an extreme mode (I'm putting as much data to the card as is possible). Lets see where a normal card is an scale it accordingly.

The other place where a faster card may make a difference is in movie mode there MAY be a minimum speed for the card, below that speed 544x408 30fps may not be usable.


Good luck and I hope this will behelpful.

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