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I just got a Panasonic FZ30 for my spouse and we were wondering what's the best choice for a memory card.We'll be taking photos of athletes in action and I was told that I need a 133X card if I want to get the most out of thecamera. Cananyone help us? I was considering buying a Corsair 133X 2GB. Is thatgoodenough?

Thks everyone:?
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Well, the obvious answer is to buy a Panasonic Card, since Panasonic is going to make sure that their own cards are compatible. ;-)

As for other cards, most would probably work OK.

The "Big 3" Secure Digital Manufacturers are Panasonic, Toshiba and Sandisk. These three manufacturers designed Secure Digital, and most other SD "manufacturers" are using rebranded components from them.

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FWIW, a 60-66X SD card is about all the FZ30 can use. Faster speeds come into play when using a card reader to down load via a USB 2.0 connection to PC...

Max it can handle is 2-GB

Corsair, Transcend, RiData are all 'off-brands' but have been used w/good results...

Newegg.com is a web-based vendor that has good prices, good service and is used by a lot of forum members...

I have 2 - 80X Transcend 1-GB SD cards and they've worked well for my FZ5/FZ30 digis.

Also- my shared opinion -is to get 2 1-GB cards to preclude loosing any images if one DOES go bad. If you only have one 2-GB and it goes bad, you're out of 'film'
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I've been using a 1GB Patriot 133x card for 6 months or so. No problems with functionality, although it seems a little fatter/thicker than other cards, only noticeable when using a card reader. There is only a noticeable delay after long-exposure shots (1+ second, this is from processing by the camera) or with RAW mode at full res, which is still quite acceptable. With continuous burst mode I can get about 2 shots/sec at full res/jpeg.

I'm looking for a 2GB as well, and will probably go with another brand. Still, it's a good value for what it cost me.
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