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nech770 Feb 5, 2010 2:32 PM

better off with 2 4gb cards or 1 8gb?
am I better off with 2 4gb cards or 1 8gb? I was told something about corruption more likely on a large card.. but it was from the sales guy and of course 2 4gb more than 1 8.... but the difference is not substantial....
any thoughts?

TCav Feb 5, 2010 2:38 PM

Curruption isn't any more likely on a higher capacity card than on a lesser capactity card, but when a higher capacity card goes south it can take a lot more of your photos with it. On the other hand, repeatedly swapping cards increases the potential for physically damaging the cards and the card slot.

Photo 5 Feb 5, 2010 2:39 PM

There are two theories in the memory card world

1. larger cards are better since their is less to carry, less to lose and as some say you put one in the camera and it stays there, no chance of removing it and losing it. However if the card goes bad you may loose a lot of pictures

2. The other theory is smaller card lessen the likely hood you will loss a lot of pictures if the card fails.

I am in the larger card theory for two reasons. a.) can shoot longer without having the change cards i.e. miss less photos when action is going on and b.) I can get buy with only 3 to 4 cards not 10 to 12 cards which would take up more space in the camera bag and the need for more card holders/cases.

I'd feel pretty safe based on my testing that an 8GB and even a 16GB by Sandisk and Trenscend will work just fine for you and hold up with very few if any errors.

But I am also in the camp/theory that even with a large card you should always have a second card just in case something happens (such as an errors) or you get into someone and take a ton of pictures and need to keep shooting -- so you don't run out of memory space.

Hope this helps


shoturtle Feb 5, 2010 4:32 PM

There is no difference between corruption rate between 4 or 8gb cards. The uses of couple of smaller cards oppose to a large ones goes to the mind set you perfer. Having all the eggs in one basket or having them space out more.

With 2 cards, if a card fails, you do not loose everything oppose to 1 card.

But with one card oppose to 2 card, your chances of damage due to handling is less as you do not shuffle cards back and forth. If you are on vacation, the safest place for the card is actually in the camera oppose to a card holder.

So there is merit to both camps, so it comes down to personal preference. Since I have a high mp camera, I use a 16gb as my primary card, and keep a 8gb as a back up. So I use a bit from both camps.

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