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stupidgrinner Jun 17, 2005 5:53 AM

Hi all. New to the site so I'm hoping you can help me.

Just bought Sony P200 with a Sony memorystick 256'S'.

Now I see for a few quid more I could of got a memorystick 256'N', shown as HIGH SPEED..and seems to have a quickerwrite speed. ie...80mbps as opposed to the 15mbps on the 'S'.

The 'N' is not listed on the Sony site...yet some Amazon are listing the 256'N' as new! seem to vary as to the colour of the card.

My 256'S' has arrived and its black...but Amazon show it in Pale orange. Where as the 256'N' seems to be silver fading to orange.

What the hell is going on!

Confused??? I am!

Replies most welcome.

Stevekin Jun 17, 2005 5:04 PM

Hi stupidgrinner, welcome.

I wouldn't worry about having a black one, the 256S, it seems, should be black. I would rather believe what they look like on a Sony site.

Have a look here,;Dept=cameras

It is Sony Style USA as the UK site is not showing the 256N.

Be warned.....outrageously low prices for EVERYTHING for our American cousins, so don't be too upset when you see what they go for over there :cry:.



stupidgrinner Jun 18, 2005 3:42 AM

Ah. Many thanks Steve. So it does exist. You'd think manufacturers would keep their sites up to date.

I see the 'N' is geared towards 'High speed enabled devices'

Would my Sony P200 camera be 'High speed enabled' or would I be wasting the little extra money the 'N' costs? The write speeds differ significantly.

See what you mean about the prices...especially as that is the Sony Site price!!

Kinda got use to that when buying a guitar!

My Sony 256s cost £32 from Amazon!!

I suppose their entitled to some small comforts over there...after all...they have to watch grown men playing Rounders!!



Stevekin Jun 18, 2005 5:01 AM

I wouldn't have thought it would make any difference in the performance of the camera, other than faster upload times to your computer maybe. So long as you have a Memory stick Pro to enable the higher quality video mode if you wish to use it. On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to buy the faster card next time, if there isn't too much of a premium. With 7.2mp you'll fill up your card pretty sharpish !

I was going to suggest you asked this in the Sony Forum, but see you already have. So I'll clear up a couple of things from there.

The mbps given for the speed of the Memory Stick Pro stands for MegaBits Per Second and not Megabytes. As we all know there are 8 mbits to one byte, so your card will have a maximum speed of 1.875 Mbytes per second. The 'N' rated card would be 10mbytes per second. Yes, 5.3 x faster, but as I said, I don't think it will make a difference, certainly not enough for you to think you've had a bum steer.

If you fully charge the battery it will retain it's charge for a length of time, of which I don't know. All batteries will lose their charge when left in an unused state for a given period. Butfor how long........?????? No battery can retain it's charge indefinitely

By all accounts the P200 has an excellent battery giving generous useage time. Rated as 'very good compared to any digicam' by one reviewer, But it is always best to buy another one if you haven't already.

Regarding the rounders comment, although I agree, I think the forum rules state somewhere that as we (Brits) are guests on this forum, we cannot bash our American cousins until you have made....oh, something like at least 907 posts ;).

Hope this helps, now get :|,and let's see some pics.


stupidgrinner Jun 18, 2005 6:04 AM

Thanks Steve, all is now clear.

thought I'd try both battery and Memorycard for capacities first and see how I get on. A lot of my pics will be lowish res purely as reference shots re my job.

If I start finding the vid useful/fun will upgrade stick.

Do you happen to I am assuming, I can buy a seperate charger for the Li-Ion batteries?

ps...what you doing sat at your computer on a lovely day. Come to think of it......?

Most grateful though.


Stevekin Jun 18, 2005 7:36 AM

I'm in the Midlands, it's warm, but pretty cloudy. Looks like we might have a bit :(.

Funny you should ask about the battery charger situation. I was just sitting here on a nice warm summers day thinking.............

........................In fact yes you could recharge the battery. For £49.99 !!

Jessops do a charger that is compatible with any Camcorder or Digicam battery. Or your money back. You buy the charger and it comes with several adapter plates and if your battery doesn't fit any of them you can contact Jessops for a free adapter to suit your battery.

Guess what ?

Your battery doesn't fit in any of the supplied adapters. But you can get one.

The charger is here,;WORD_SEARCH=N&

And the form to fill out for the correct adapter is here,

It can be inconvenient to have to always recharge in camera, especislly with two, but you have to decide if you want to fork out the money. I would.



stupidgrinner Jun 18, 2005 12:49 PM

Thanks Mate. Blistering hot down in London. 27 Degrees. Whatever that is Old money.

Probablly buy a second battery and keep it charged as a spare off the camera.

Regards, Sticky steve.

ps...why these pages so wide?

Stevekin Jun 18, 2005 2:53 PM

Recently in from a pleasant evening out with my wife and Inlaws

Yes, I did say pleasant and Inlaws in the same sentence. Now sticky and muggy too. The weather, not the Inlaws. Would very much like it to rain right now.

Page is wide because of the long, long link to the Jessops Charger !!

Anyway, enjoy your camera and I look forward to seeing some snaps in the forums.


Nearly as sticky Steve.

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