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Default camera /compact flash problems?

My S100 powershot cannon is around 2 years old. I bought a 64mb compact flash card FUJI around a year ago replacing the 16mb CF cannon card.

Since then every so often (about every 10 fill ups of the card) I loose all the pictures on the card - and now it is happening more frequently. (sometimes I can get half a dozen pictures out of a 100 that i've taken, and the card shows the space is used up to 50 - 56 mb)

3 questions.

Is it more likely to be problem with the camera or the card?

Does anyone else have these problems?

If I buy a new card which one should I buy?

Thanks in advance for any help

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When you 'fill a card' - are you doing a reformat in the cam each time?, you should do, to prevent fragmentation of the storage space.

You could check the default cluster size your 16Meg card is formatted to, it's probably 2040 bytes, whereas the 64meg card may be 4 or even 8k. Using Win2K you can reformat a card as 16 bit FAT and choose your cluster size. This is a last resort. I think your problems sound like fragmentation, stuff is not being cleaned off the card.

I know some manufacturers like Oly put a few special format bytes on their own cards, but generally if you use oems or non-Oly cards you only loose pano shot mode. Check in the Cannon section if Cannon cards are anything special format wise.
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Thanks Voxmagna.

I don't reformat everytime in the cam - so I will start doing that - and it only ever does it when the card is nearly full, i also feel that flipping from "preview" mode to "shoot" mode may influence it, but i can't deliberately create the error.

i'll browse the cannon section as you sugested and see what i can find.

thanks again

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