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AndreLikesPhotos Dec 8, 2006 11:47 PM

Please don't think I'm trying to sneak one in here. I have several digital cameras , I help friends with cameras and I have started learning about PDA's also.

Recently a friend bought a camera from RShack that is supposed to be limited to 1GB.

Two PDA's I have are also supposed to be limited to 1GB.
One is a Palm Zire 31 the other runs on Windows Mobile 2003.

I've read on one of the good PDA sites that a programmer has been writing software to be able to use 2gb cards in devices that have said they only go to 1gb.

The reason this conversation may not be immediately pertinant is this: Fat16 means 2GB of addressing ability.

Fat12 (see wikipedia - topic 'FAT') is the common file structure of most SD cards but that's limited to 32MB.

So I have confusion like this:

Why if the SD cards are FAT12 do many of them work up to 1GB or 512mb (for sure). And if they are FAT16 why won't
my devices and my friend's device read the 2gb card?

Pointers to www sites is ok. If you want to write up something I will be sure to post it over and over at several sites that have been confused as I am about the what's why's and wherefores of this topic.

Thank you for your time. HAve a nice holiday. 2006.


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