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moh2o Jan 6, 2005 12:30 PM

:idea: More info on SD memory cards. I have been doing some more research on these new high speed memory cards like sandisk ultra II and extreme III 's , One BIG problem though in getting one of these cards is that your average digital camera doesn't even have the ability to read the image off the card at the speeds that these high speed cards can deliver. So I said I'll find out from the manufacturer of my camera (Pentax) exactly what is the read speed of my camera, So I can get a card that matches my camera's read speed, otherwise it is a waste of money. Right? So I call Pentax and they tell me that they can't tell or (won't) tell me the read speed of my Optio 43 wr. To quote the cust. support " Most camera manufacturers don't disclose that information on read speed spec's" WHAT!? WHY Not?! &%^(##!!! How in the #$*& can I find out the read speed of my Optio 43 WR? Any one done any bench tests on a 43WR? At least the cust supp. person told me that I should get just a mid speed card not one of the new ultra III's or Extreme III's.


moh2o Jan 6, 2005 12:33 PM

Steve , Jim or Kalypso do any of you know how I can find out the read speed of my camera? Pentax Optio 43 WR.


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