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Mathiau Dec 27, 2004 11:41 PM

Hey all

just curious - i managed to get a Hitachi Micro Drive 4g model number HMS360404D5CF00, this is one of the OEM drives that has the white label.

i was able to get it for $125 along with a laptop i got.

Now, i put it into my rebel and it just gives me an error - according to hitachi they say their micro drives are compatible, unless i am reading it wrong,

Does anyone else have one of these drives and a digital rebel and can confirm it works?

Unfortuantly the Sandisk 6 in 1 reader i have they say not to use the microdrives with - and it does not work. I have a PCMIMIMIMIM what everslot adapter, but it does not seem towork with my old tecra 510CDT laptop (waiting for new one to arrive)

Any help be appreciated.

steve Dec 28, 2004 12:20 AM

Read the msg just before yours in this forum:;forum_id=52

And also see my Microdrive Report -- there are lots of incompatible OEM 4GB Microdrives out there that don't work in cameras - only MP3 players.

Mathiau Dec 28, 2004 2:20 AM

Thanks steve, did a search before posting, guess i used the wrong terms, shall check out that information.

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