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I took a bunch fo pictures today on my Minota Dimage A1.

I have a Compaq SanDisk Ultra 256

At the end of the day, my camera froze up and I had to take my battery out to get it to do anything, did I lose all my pictures?

Now when I connnect my USB to the camera, it alternates between the camera sitting there and saying "Accessing files" and then "Unable to Use Card"

I've tried using the recovery software, but the drive doesn't even come up as recognizable when I launch the software.

How do I recover these pictures?

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You'll probably need to try a card reader to see if it can be recognizable as a removable drive. Sometimes a card reader may not be as "finnicky" as your camera.

They are relatively inexpensive. You can find a high speed USB 2.0 CompactFlash reader for $20.00 or less at most retailers. Sandisk, PNY, Lexar and others manufacture them. Here's an example:


I'd probaby spend around $39.00 and get one that takes all memory types (SmartMedia, Compactflash Type I and II, Secure Digital, xDPicturecard, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, etc.). That way, if you ever buy another camera that uses a different media type, you'll already have a reader that supports it.

Even if the reader can't see the card and you end up replacing it, you'll get dramatically faster transfer times anyway with a reader (versus transferring the photos from the camera).

If you can see the card with a reader, simply copy the files from it using a good recovery package. See thisthread for two of them (one is free, and the other is commercial):


After recovering the photos, you'll probably need to format the card for the camera to recognize it. Theeasiest way to do this is from your PC (sinceyour card will appear to be a removable drive). So, you can right click on it and get to the format commands. Make SURE you use FAT (which is really FAT16) as the format type.

Otherwise, Windows will format it using a 32 bit FAT, which is NOT compatible with the camera.

As an alternative, you may want to try the card in a totally different camera model, and format it using the other camera's menu system. Sometimes, one model is not as picky as another about corrupted media, and may let you format the card with it's menus.

After you format it, the camera should be able to recognize it again. Then, make sure to reformat it with the camera menu choice for format prior to using it.

Hopefully, the FAT (File Allocation Table) is just corrupted and the card is still fine.

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I too would recommend that you purchase a card reader. when using a card reader, try to connect directly to the USB ports on the PC or Mac and avoid hubs, keyboards and front USB ports for power reasons.

Sounds to me like you corrupted the FAT table, but there may be more damage. I have had good luck with ImageRecall from FlashFixers for situations such as these. They have a free demo you can try before buying the software. Good Luck!


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Hi Willyjeen!

I had a very similar problem recently. I kept getting errors when trying to access my pictures on camera or cardreader. I went to www.flashfixers.com for help.

They have this really kewl software I used to recover my pictures. I was able to get all of them back!

I hope it works for you. Good Luck!


P.S. Let me know how you make out
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