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micha_tim Mar 12, 2005 4:42 AM

hi everyone!

I have a BENQ digital camera and a KINGMAX SD card 256Mb; could you help me telling me what can I do for recovering some pictures? when i try to open the camera a message "card error" appears and also "format - yes/no" and I cann't see the pictures or take other ones

if I try to connect the camera to the computer, it appears like there's no picture on the camera (and there are suposed to be around 150)

if i choose not to format the card, the camera remains blocked and turns off in a few seconds..

also..if I remove the card from the camera, I can use the camera (with its memory - 16Mb) without any problem - so I think that the problem is not the camera.

I would realy like to save the pictures...could you suggest me what to do? do you think that a card reader would be helpful?..or any other idea...


Nil Einne Mar 12, 2005 6:27 AM

If you have not tested thecamera with another card, there is no reason to assume the problem is not with the camera. Since the builtin card reader and associated electronics is separate function from the internal memory, it is easily possible it is a problem with the camera. If you test the camera with another SD card (not MMC card preferbly as the MMC function could be okay but the SD could be broke) and it works fine then you might have big problems. Alternatively, get a SD card reader that you know works fine and try that.

BTW, if you want to test the camera with another SD card, I would recommend you take some photos on the other SD card, take it out, turn the camera off then backon &then put it back in.

If you have tried one of the above suggestions then it looks like the SD card is indeed the problem. If you have only tried the card in the camera, you should try it in a seperate reader as well since this could work when the camera fails (although the card still clearly has a prob). If you still have no luck, your best choice would be to contact KingMax and try it in a lot of different card readers. Who knows, it may work in one? If you're extremely desperate you could ask for professional help. I don't know if any exist yet for memory cards yet, possibly not since they're fairly reliable. But if it is the card, it may be a lost cause, I'm sorry to say.

sandie Mar 22, 2005 2:17 PM

IF you have not reformated the card, and not taken any more pics with the card then there is a program that will recover the information on the card. Problem is right now I do not know the name of the program but I would get on dpreview forum and other forums and ask for the software program that will recover information on that card.

Cards do get corrupted unfortunately. IF another card works in your camera then it is the card.

Is your camera set up to use that big of a card? Some are not set up for the large cards.

I will try to find the place I saw the recovery software and get back to you.

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