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jhleblanc Dec 25, 2004 10:10 AM

I just got Casio ex-z30 and an ATP 256 meg card, whenever I try to use the card I get card error, when I try to format it on the camera I get card error. all I have is the camera and the card so I can't switch anything around. I can take picture to the camera's internal memory but not the card. I have no idea what to do, I can find any firmware update or tech support for the card, any ideas?

JimC Dec 25, 2004 10:23 AM

Well, I'd make sure the write protect switch on the card didn't move over to the locked position (and I'd move the switch back and forth once or twice to make sure it's making a good connection to the unlocked position).

You may also want to try removing and inserting the card once or twice, just to make sure that the contacts are clean enough to make a good connection.

If it still fails to work, and you don't want to mess around with trying to format it in a different device to see if it's working, your best bet is to probably to see if your vendor will replace it.If the above fails, chances are, it's defective (although it's possible that you have a bad camera instead).

If you have a store nearby that sells digital cameras, you could probablytalk them into letting you try your card in a demo camera.

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