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Default Card Reader/Writer at MS Pro or MS Duo Pro speeds?

I have a SanDisk 8-in-1 reader/writer but it does not seem to read/write at MS Pro or MS Duo Pro speeds (I am actually using Sony MSH-M128A, the new Duo high-speed compatible), Pro should be 8x to 10x faster than non-Pro, but I get 1.2x to 2x with SanDisk 8-in-1 (connected to a nForce Ultra 400 motherboard USB2.0 port). (Note, I realise I am using the term speed when I should be saying throughput).

Does anyone know of a reader/writer that will transfer data at MS Pro, MS Duo Pro speeds, i.e. they have the reader/writer and have tested themselves?

Note, none of the reader/writer manufacturers actually state any maximums for each of the card slots, so they could rightly say we support MS Pro card just not at Pro speeds just non-pro speeds or slightly faster. But then they do not tell you this in their literature.

Though, I could be wrong or missed something (e.g. maybe MS Pro can go at Pro speed but MS Duo Pro cannot because it via an the Sony MS to MS Duo adapter?).

Also, the review on this site of the SanDisk 6-in-1 (with 8-in-1 update) shows an IBM CF Microdrive inserted in one of the pictures. Just out of interest, could the reviewer say whether they have actually used this in the 6-in-1 or 8-in-1 as SanDisk website FAQ suggest they do not support this setup since micro hard drives require more power which their reader/writer cannot supply (I realise that they are probably just not guarenteeing operation).

Oh, by-the-way I do like the SanDisk 8-in-1 reader/writer, it has some very nice features and will atleast transfer at SanDisk SD card Ultra II speeds, lovely .


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I personally use the SanDisk 8-in-1 for all of my work, including Microdrives. I have never had a problem running the Microdrive, I use both a 1GB IBM and a 4GB Hitachi.

And yes, the MS Pro throughput rate does seem slower than comparable speed-rated CF or SD cards - dunno why.

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Thanks, Steve,

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