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Default cf card readers what do I look for

Hi all

Is there anything to choose between different CF card readers ?

If so what do I need to look for ?


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My thoughts:

Speed, only really important if using cards above 128Mb. USB 2 is fastest, but readers plug in back of PC rather than on lead. PC motherboard must do USB2 however. You'll never read at the max USB 2 spec speed, but should be faster than USB1.

Multiple card formats: SM/MD/CF/XD

Card reformat progs included: CFPREP/SMPREP etc

Nice to have a card eject button, rather than tug and hope for the best.

I might one day consider reader built in 3 1/2 drive bay. Must be full speed USB2. Handy to have front access card slots. Makes for tidy setup. If I could get pci to pcmcia, might even choose that route for fast transfer, but adaptors are not always motherboard pci architecture compatible.

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Default Combo PCMCIA and CF Card Reader

VoxMagna seemed proficient on card/adapter architectures and constraints, but I'll ask anyone ... is there a dependable USB 92.0 preferrable) card reader that accepts both PCMCIA and CF1 cards? With or without an adapter? I know Lexar used to have a "USB Universal Card Reader", but they've discontinued it (and I believe it would have been USB 1.0). Thoughts? :?:
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Originally Posted by richardc
both PCMCIA and CF1 cards.
I just want to be clear here, are you thinking about a PC Card or PCMCIA reader for things like a network card, PC Card SCSI or something similar you would put in your laptop?

If so, we did some research in that area awhile back. One was found, NHL (another person here) got one and tried it. The performace was rather pathetic.

It sounds like it should work well, 'cause it hooks directly on to a faster bus instead of having to connect to the USB, which then on some computers goes through the north bridge chip and then into the rest of the computer. But it didn't.

Check out this link:

to the previous discussion.

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Eric, thanks for the update. I reviewed the link you referenced and now want to clarify.

I am trying to get a "combo" unit that allows me to transfer files from my laptop PCMCIA card into my desktop, and v.v. (I have a 5GB PCMCIA hard drive). As well, I'd like that same unit to allow CF1 photo file transfer from my new A70 into my desktop (or into my laptop for that matter - - when on the road).

Since there are no longer any hardware solutions that have different sized slots for each of these two type of media, the Addonics DigiDrive looks like the trick. At least, that what Lin Evans and yourself seem to suggest.

I also note that the USB2.0 version off the DigiDrive is considerably faster that the IDE internal unit (see http://www.addonics.com/products/fla...comparison.asp), and it would allow me more portability.

My intention would be to also purchase a PCMCIA card adapter for CF1, but I'm now concerned that not all adapter cards are compatible. Since the price range is so varied ($7.50 for a Sandisk adapter to $26 for the Addonics unit), I'd like to be sure.

NHL posted the following last year "...On another note, not all CF adapters are alike, I need a special one for my microdrive from IBM or RadioShack, a plain type I will not work because of the thickness (and also the retracting sleeve for the exposed pins)!

I'm following this up, but would appreciate your views on the above.

Thanks again for your very complete response.

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...........One was found, NHL (another person here) got one and tried it. The performace was rather pathetic. ................

The problem I found with internal pcmcia cards was around the compatibility of interrupts, and no guarantee the PCI card I looked at, would work until I'd bought and tried it in my VIA PC!

Yes, there is a problem with the physical design of an adaptor to suit both CF and MD however my Dane Elec adaptor, supplied with my 1Gb Md is compatible with CF and MD. Generally a vendor selling a MD and adaptor for it will ship a compatible one!

When thinking of a card reader, I'd always recommend one that comes with low level format recovery programmes and USB2 if using MD. But you might not get all the card type options,
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