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I keep hearing bits and pieces from people that the Compact Flash cards are being phased out? Has anyone heard this?
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CF cards are alive and well but the smaller cameras require smaller cards so the SD type cards have become the most popular now. CF cards are still used in the majority of the dSLR cameras sold today.

See our page about Flash Memory Cards
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The only memory cards that I have heard are being phased out are Smart Media Cards. In fact CF cards must be doing well cause they just camer out in the last few months with 12GB cards.

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Among the different formats for flash memory cards, CF is the largest. This gives the flash memory manufacturers the largest package to use when developing new technology. So it will always be the first format that incorporates the highest capacity.

And CF cards are the most widely used of any of the flash memory formats, not just in cameras (though to the general public, that might not appear to be the case.) CF cards are widely used in all kinds of network devices. There are several network routers that actually boot up off an operating system stored on a CF card. And that will continue for some time because CF cards are also cheaper per megabyte than any other format.
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