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leeraff Feb 22, 2007 6:28 AM

Did some quick research and didn't find direct answers to these questions, so, hope you'll help.

Does the speed really matter in SHOOTING PERFORMANCE with CF cards? Thought I heard/read somewhere that it's really the transfer rate of downloading your pictures where that comes into play more. (To me 10 minutes downloading my photos doesn't matter more than 12 or 14.) But, again, is there a true performance gained in actual shooting with higher speed cards?!?

Does brand REALLY matter? Research points out that there really is a limited amount of manufacturers so you may actually be buying a name brand when you're buying an "off" brand. True or no? (That said, price seems to be so close and sales occur so often...)

Sam's Club has a Toshiba 1gb for $29 but no special Ultra, Extreme, Super Duper moniker. Thoughts? Experience?

I felt like I used to hear that Sandisk was just the best marketer, not necessarily the best card. Got name recognition with such a strong presence in the "big box" retailers. Certainly looks like some of the tests would refute this theory. If sold on Sandisk, do most find it worth the extra money to jump from Ultra II to Extreme III to Mega-Super-Extreme XXX???

Seeing a lot on Lexar Professional and "WA." Basically same price for Lexar and Sandisk. Which and why?

Summing it up... Would most find it better to spend money get brand name, more speed, more size or more cards?

TCav Feb 22, 2007 7:26 AM

Speed is most important when shootingsequences. The camera will take 3 to 5 shots quickly until its buffer gets full, then it has to transfer one photo to the card before it can take another. It is the write speed of the card, not the read speed of transferring the photos from the card toa computer, that most people are looking for.

Check out

slipe Feb 22, 2007 7:39 AM

I think it depends a lot on your camera.

I ran some tests with a standard Sandisk card I had in my Palm Tungsten and compared it in my camera to the Sandisk Ultra II. Cycle times were dramatically faster with the Ultra II. Everything else was about the same. The movies didn't miss frames with the standard card, but that might be partly because it is MPEG4 and doesn't require a fast write time. I didn't check the download times.

Someone on the Casio board gave some times for a card that was listed as faster than the Ultra II and his cycle times were almost as slow as my standard card. I don't think there is anything special about Sandisk, but I do think some of the labeling isn't completely honest on some of the off brands.

How I test the cycle times is take ten shots in slow continuous. My Casio has 4+ Mb files and the buffer fills after the second shot, so the last eight are pure write times. It is hard to tell with single shots because many cameras have buffers.

I think you are right that many are rebranded. And I think larger cards tend to be faster. You might go to the board for your camera and ask if anyone has any experience with various speeds and brands.

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