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patbro Dec 4, 2002 9:41 PM

compact flash!!!question
just bought a hp camera and on the box its said support 64mb compactflash..bought one 64 mb and everything work fine ...someone told me you can put a 128 mb or even 256mb because the controler is on the card not like smartmedia who,s the controller is inside the camera!!!is this true??? :?:

other question..i feel since im using my compactflash card instead of the 8mb internal memory of my camera the battery seem to go compactflash card use take more power then only the internal memory ?? :?:

marokero Dec 4, 2002 11:07 PM

The answers are yes and yes :D You can use whatever size compactflash you'd like, right now it's 2GB if I'm not mistaken (CF type I is the most comonly used, type II is a little fatter, and not every cameras support this). Compactflash will use up more battery than the internal memory, but the internal memory doesn't really holdthat many pictures to begin with. Compactflash shouldn't be using up that much more battery power than the internal memory, perhaps in your enthusiasm you've been using the lcd screen a lot more for taking pictures or reviewing them? :)

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