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Flying Fossil May 24, 2008 11:08 PM

Since purchasing my Sony A-100 I have been using the UltraII 2gb cards and they work just fine.
When I got my new A-700, I purchased a 2gb Extreme III thinking I would see a significant performance difference. If this made much of a difference I wanted to get an 8gb Extreme III.

I really saw no difference at all. I tried the camera in the 5fps mode and just held the button down to see if one card would outlast the other.
Not much if any difference.

I then download about 100 pictures thru my card reader to the computer and again no significant difference in speed.

I took the Extreme III card back.

Any comments?

TCav May 25, 2008 1:39 PM

To be sure, some of the later Ultra II cards are pretty fast. But I'm surprised to hear that you didn't see much differnece between it and an Extreme III.

I did a similar test with my KM5D and found a significant difference using 2GB cards. I switched to manual focus, manual exposure, left the lens cap on, held down the shutter button (I still want to call it a 'release') and got almost twice the fps for 'Fine-Large', over three times the fps for 'Extra Fine-Large', and almost twice the fps for RAW. All my measurements were taken after the buffer had filled.

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