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Default CompactFlash formatting

Just downloaded the first and only two (2) pics I took on a Fuji FinePix S602Z from a SanDisk 256MB Compact Flash (new SanDisk reader) to my PC (Windows 98 OS) and saved them to the appropriate file but...the camera won't format the media now. Downloaded MediaRecovery Pro software as instructed by dealer and ran recovery program then wiped the media and still no go. Camera operating manual of no help on this ( it simply reads "Card Not Initialized - reformat the media"). Any tips welcomed. Thx
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I also had the same problem a while back and I had to go through a mess just to format the card correctly. I had use a card reader so that the CF card would show up on my computer as a disk drive then I had to open a DOS prompt and format the card in the DOS prompt. I think it was a Format /U that I had to use to wipe the CF card. I am still on the look out for software packages that do a zero wipe to the card and bring them back to manfacturer specs basically. If you have tried any others let me know.
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Do a search on this forum for user voxmagna: he has posted a lot of detailed explainations here over the last couple of years.
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I just recently came across an image recovery lab called FlashFixers from doing an internet search. They also have a software package called ImageRecall. After talking with one of their representatives they informed me that their software is capable of a low-level format which will zero out the card.
I still have this damaged card lying around, and will tryout this software. I'll repost if it's anything worthwhile.
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This suggestion may raise a few eyebrows here on the forum but this is what I have done with all media I have used (smartmedia and compact flash). I have never had a problem with my media
all Sandisk, btw, except for the OEM media.

1. Buy a USB media card reader, preferably 6-in-1 reader.
2. Never connect your cam via the USB cable supplied.
3. Remove your media from camera.
4. Put in media card reader.
5. Open up My Computer and browse to your media drive and folder.
6. Edit, Select all then Edit copy your photos.
7. Browse to folder on your hard drive.
8. Edit, paste your folder into the folder.
9. Browse back to your Media card folder.
10. Edit, Select all your photos (NOT the folder they are in).
11. Right Click on the Photos, Left Click on Delete.

Why do this:

You are using the media as it was intended...a storage and transfer
device...nothing more.

If this procedure is not clear to you, I suggest you talk to one
of your computer guru friends

Good luck
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