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Is there much of a difference between the 1GB SANDISK Compact Flash or their ULTRA II? I am using in a Canon A95...

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I have one of Sandisk's 256MB Ultra II CF cards.

The only difference you are really going to see is the write/read speed.

I'm going to use my Canon Digital Rebel to give you some sample results.

If i was to take a 4 shot burst at maximum JPG quality about 3.0MB per image a total of about 12MB for four pictures. It would take a normal CF card about 10-15 seconds to record all 4 images. With the Ultra II having a write speed of 9Mb (Megabits NOT Megabytes as everyone believes, i'm a computer technician, there is a big difference between MB and Mb) The ultra II only takes about 4-7 seconds to record all 4 images. This will let you (especially if you shoot sports) to take more pictures a lot more quickly than you would with the regular CF card.

In my opinion, i recommend buying multipul 256MB cards, instead of the large 1GB. Don't get me wrong, they do have their place, but if you are out in the field, and it gets corrupt, you have the possibility to lose 1GB of images. Instead since i shoot a lot of high school games, i carry about 5 or 6, 256MB Sandisk Ultra II cards with me. And right now can be purchased on newegg.com for about $20 (VERY CHEAP!! especially for a fast card)

Again, those are just my opinions. But what it really comes down to is how you are going to use your card. If you need the ability to write the images to the memory card quickly so you can continue to shoot, then i strongly recommend the Sandisk Ultra II line of CF cards. Otherwise you can safely invest in the regular CF cards, which sometimes cost a lot cheeper.

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