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Hi, I just bought an ATP 256mb 60X card from Fry's Electronics for my new Canon SD200. At home, I realized that the packaging for the card had previously been opened.

I decided to try the card anyway, and if it didn't work I would take it back. So I put the card in my camera and got an error saying "Memory card error" "Card locked!". I tried again several times after moving the write protection switch up and down, and could never get it to work. "Fair enough, the card is a bust, I'll just take it back".

I then put my original memory card (the one that came w/ the camera) back in the camera, and to my surprise, I got the same memory card error message. I had not touched the write protection lock on this card. I've tried every thing I can think of to fix it but nothing works.

The original memory card works fine in the computer via a memory card reader. It just doesn't work at all in my camera. I can't even view the card's previously saved images when using my camera.

The ATP card gives an error message even on the computer, so I'm pretty sure it's just broken.

So did this broken ATP card ruin my camera? Maybe it somehow damaged a sensor in the camera. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Also, does anyone have any idea how I might go about fixing this problem? A digital camera that can't read any memory cards is useless, so it's completely broken in my mind. Like I said, the camera is brand new so if I can't fix it soon I'll just return it to the store. But I'd prefer to not have to do that.

Lastly, on a small side note. I thought ATP was a good brand of memory card maker but now I'm obviously suspicious of them. Are they a good brand are not? Which brand should I buy instead (I'd like about a 60X speed card)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Well no one has answered my question yet, but I've been doing research and have figured it out myself. It turns out that it is probably my camera that caused the problem, not the broken memory card (sorry ATP for blaming you).

Apparently Canon is notorious for having this memory error problem. I found a bunch of reviews on Amazon for an older model (the S400) where everyone complains of having similar errors (along w/ many other problems). Here is a link if anyone is interested or has a similar problem with their camera:

So that's that. I loved the SD200 but apparently it will cause nothing but heartaches in the future. Goodbye Canon and shame on you for carrying old problems over to your new products.

I guess now I'm just left wondering what camera should I buy now.
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Since you're working in the 3.2 megapixel range, might I recommend the Panasonic FZ3? Great zoom lens, great performance. It uses SD memory.

I've also read good things about ATP memory cards. With the Kingmax making most people happy.

Checkout the FZ3:
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