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miamigolfer Nov 8, 2004 4:43 PM

Any body have any experience with the SmartDisk Flashtrax digital album. I find all the info very helpful about the storage devices without screens. The advantage of a screen is you can view them whiile away. The SmartDisk has a 3.5" LCD instead of the 1.8" on the nixvue or Delkin. Any comments?

phaedra1106 Nov 9, 2004 12:27 PM

Hi :)

I know 2 people who have 40Gb versions and they are both very happy with them. I've just sold my Archos 20Gb GMini220 and am replacing it with an X'S Drive II as I don't use the screen to view, I can use my cameras LCD for that :)

The only problem with any of these things is (for us in the UK) the price!, a 40Gb X'S Drive IIcosts around £170 (US$310). It's a lot cheaper to buy the empty drive from NewEgg for £41 (US$75) and fit a 40Gb drive myself, a seagate 5400rpm is around £50 (US$90) so about 1/2 the price!.

Luckily I have friends in Florida so I can get one shipped there for me to collect when we come over onvacation in 4 weeks time. I've already got about 6 packages waiting for me :D

jimtfoto Nov 9, 2004 4:31 PM

I've had a 30gb FlashTrax for more than a year and have no complaints ... used extensively on shoots in Montreal, Florida and Barbados.


Happy Texan Jan 27, 2005 8:16 PM

I purchased a 20 Gig Flash Trax this fall. I took about 300 large RAW format pictures in Hawaii and saved them to my Flash Trax. It's small, well built and easy to use. Virtually any RAW format can be viewed and I don't know of any other machine that allows that. On the 8 hour flight back I was able to view the results, zoom to check the quality and delete any that I was not satisfied with. The 3.5 inch screen is very clear and bright for my tired old eyes. I plan a trip to Europe next and will enjoy it's convenience and compact design.

Another tip I read in a Photo magazine article. At a big wedding you can take the Flash Trax and approach others with digital cameras at the end of the festivities and borrow the memory chip and save it to your machine. All you might need is a media adapter and you will be able to preview and print everyone's candid wedding and/or reception pictures. I have a son getting married this spring and both families have requested a CD of this collection.

I purchased my 20 gig unit from and with a discount coupon they had sent me I paid about $315 and shipping was free.


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