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itsme000 Jul 17, 2008 6:11 AM

I've had two SDs become fried.
A SanDisk 1GB that would not read or format whatsoever in camera or computer.

A generic 1GB that permanently became 512MB after a corruption.

Does this ever happen with CF?

hgernhardtjr Jul 17, 2008 5:31 PM

I don't think any specific format of camera memory is any worse or better than any other failure-wise. Failure ratesmay begenerally higher in the very-low-price knock-offs, but in the name brand cards failure rates are minimal — far less than one-tenth of one percent. I use SD, MemoryStick, and numerous CF and have noticed no differences. I dislike the SD because they vanish ... so small they are easy to misplace or fall through pocket holes. The older MemorySticks are a bit larger, but the newer variants are small and easy to loose. However, the CF cards are of a size they do not get lost easily, are easily changed even with gloved hands in bitter cold when shooting professionally, and are large enough to not find that elusive hole I always seem to get in my pocket.

So, except for the physical size issue and perhaps the name/quality of the manufacturer, you really should not base your decisions on failure rates of the various memory card formats.

Oh, and on edit to answer your question... yes, CF cards can fail just like your SD did.

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