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Ishot pictured withSony DSC-W1 and Canon A95. Both cameras were set at pixel of 2048x1536. However, when I downloaded the pictures to computer in the jpeg format, Sony picture size is1.4mb while Canon picture is 700mb. Why is there such a difference in the jpeg size? Does it affect the picture quality? Thanks for the help.
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Butwhat did you have compression set to?

The Canon A95 has 3 levels of JPEG compression available under it's Image Compression Menu (Superfine, Fine, and Normal).

The Sony DSC-W1 has 2 levels of JPEG compression available under it's Picture quality Menu (Fine, Standard).

Chances are, the Sony's Fine compression is about the same as the Canon's SuperFine. So, if you were using the Canon's Fine mode you would get smaller file sizes.

There may also be a difference in the downsizing algorithms used by these models to give you a 3 Megapixel Image, causing a difference in file sizes.

Other factors also come into play -- more detail in a JPEG image results in larger file sizes. More noise in a photo can also result in larger file sizes.

I'd suggest using the highest quality modes on any camera you use, keeping them set at the highest resolution. You never know when you'll want a larger, higher quality print. Less JPEG compression will give you higher quality photos (but depending on the subject type and viewing/print size, you may not be able to notice it).

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Your size will vary on the same camera with the same settings. You can compress an image with a large patch of blue sky or a large white building more easily than something with a lot of busy content. But unless you are shooting a plain white piece of paper you are using lower quality settings on both cameras. The lower the quality the greater the variation is size between shots in JPG.

Steve came up with about the same size images at best quality with both cameras.

Printing 4 X 6 or viewing onscreen you are unlikely to see a difference by going one step down in quality. But be careful to not save them again as a JPG since there are more subtle compression artifacts to enhance with a second compression. Almost any program you would be working the images in would let you save in an uncompressed format like TIFF.

Unless you are on vacation with no place to store the images or have undersized cards, I would recommend using best quality. You never know what you might do with those images someday, and there are some trade-off using the higher compression.

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Also keep in mind that along with compression settings what you take a picture of matters. A picture of a landscape may come out vastly different in memory size as compared with a macro shot with the same camera.

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Thanksfor your input andgreat tips. Yes, both cameras were setat Fine compression. That should be the reason why the jpeg size is different since Canon has superfine setting.
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