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thank you Trique Daddi that is a very constructive post !?

there has now been 10 posts to this topic and sill no answer thats has any weight. maybe we do things differently over here in the UK.

i will look elsewhere for some tech info on this. I will post back if i find anything of interest.

Chris H

(it's early, i'm tired :evil: )
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Ok ok so you may now be please to know I seem to have finally answered this question.

"Compact Flash Type I and II are identical except the size of the flash card. Type I are 3mm and Type II are 5mm"

"The Microdrive is a miniaturized hard drive in Type II format. It's a good choice if you want large storage at a low price. However, regular flash cards have dropped to such a low price that it may make sense to purchase a regular flash card"

"The other noticeable difference is in the device's ability to make use of the cards performance, your camera and its CF interface has a large influence on how a card performs. Many cards will perform better in D-SLR's and especially professional digital SLR's (most professional D-SLR's can push the results shown by the D30 by 50-70%)"

"IBM's Microdrive puts in a solid performance, not only does it offer the best $/MB it also appears to put in a solid performance. Bear in mind that using the Microdrive in a camera which doesn't officially support it may have an impact on camera startup and operation times (access times), battery life and reliability"

looks like the microdrive is a good overall performer and is good value for money. It has the same interface a CF2 drive, unlike the CF1.

If your camera supports the microdrive and you are not looking to upgrade in the very near future then I can see no problem with having a little sympathy for your wallet and choosing the microdrive.

If anyone has any thing to add or any "constructive" comments to make on this please hit the reply button and share the knowledge

Chris H.

(is yellow ok? :G)

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look its real simple. if you want to have a future for your cards beyond sony and you might get a Dslr there is only one choice and that is CF.

performance wise they should be relative the same if they are the same class of card. give or take a few percent. generally today the CF cards like the sandisk ultra2 are capable of substantially higher xfr rates then even the fastest Dslr of the moment are capable of.
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thank you sjms

that is the type of answer i was looking for, u done good. and spot on.

i have just been talking to a friend with a Dslr that has tried both microdrive and CF, and has explained that the CF is the clear winner. the microdrive is not quick enough in his Dslr to store images using burst mode, and has had problems with corrupt images.

job done.

CF all the way

Chris H

I will now go and hide in a happy place knowing i now have the knowledge to conquer the world (the pub)
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