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Default Error Free? Need an education.

In the market for a 512 MB CF card for my Nikon coolpix 5000.

Should I spring for the extra $$$ for a high speed error free card?

Also, if I went with a microdrive instead, are they also prone to errors? Are they as fast as a CF card?

Lastly, for my camera, does it make a difference if I get a type 1 or type 2?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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I wouldn't say that the "higher speed" cards are "error free". This implies that the slower ones have errors. If what you meant instead is if they will last longer before having errors... I don't know enough about CF cards to know if that is true. I'd be more concerned with catastrophic failure than an "error" (ignoring that catastrophic failure is a type of error.) I'd bet that is more a question of the brand and if its a Pro model or not.

Personally, I'd limit my company list to something like SandDisk, Lexar, Ridata, Trancend, Delkin. There are probably others, those are just off the top of my head.

I wouldn't go much faster than 12x unless you knew you were going to get a much better camera in the next several years. I don't have hard facts, but my guess it is that the CP5000 can't write faster that 12x or so. I don't know if a faster card reads faster when you transfer to your computer. That could make a difference to you.

Another thing to consider is that the higher end cards have a longer warrenty period (up to lifetime.) You should also consider their customer support. For example, I've heard some complains about SanDisk recently, and how hard it is to reach a real person in support.

Microdrives must be handled with more care than a CF. They have moving parts (like a hard disk.) If you consider than "prone to errors" then yes. By my definition, that isn't. There are several people here who use them and like them a lot. Since CF prices have droped in the past 3-4 months, the cost justification for buying a MD has almost gone away (the lower cost and faster speed being the trade off for their more gentle handling requirement.)

I don't know of any type 2 CF cards, although they might/probably exist. MicroDrives are type 2. Don't consider that as a buying issue (assuming the CP5000 supports both.) Look at size, speed, and company long before the type.
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