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walkngdude Dec 13, 2008 6:48 PM


I bought my wife a Canon SD790 for Christmas and I am considering buying 4G of SanDisk Extreme III thinking it might show a performance boost for at least the video mode.

I was looking for anything on Canon's site that would help me answer this question but after a long search I have come up with nothing. So I was wondering if anyone here had some insight?

My gut feeling is telling me that the pricey memory won't show any improvement.

TCav Dec 13, 2008 8:42 PM

First, a faster memory card can help with continuous shooting speed as well as video recordings.

Second, Canon often talks about the mythical SDC-512MSH memory card as being "Super High Speed", and sufficiently fastfor all purposes, though the specs for the SDC-512MSH are never given. For the higest quality and resolution video, the manual for the SD790IS says 1963 KB/sec. is the speed of the camera. That's awfully close to Class 2 for me, so I would go for something faster (i.e.: Class 4.) While a SanDisk Ultra II (or equivalent) might handle it, a SanDisk Video HD (or equivalent) or Extreem III (or equivalent) might not be a bad idea.

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