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hk_traveller Aug 29, 2004 1:22 AM

A new digital wallet from China claims that it can download 1GB photo within 3.5 minutes.

Anyone tried it as well? Please let me know what is the speed and also reliability.


hk_traveller Sep 2, 2004 7:11 PM

Now you can check the real transfer speed in the following video. Thanks for Paul's trial.

compactdrive Sep 4, 2004 12:03 AM

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Compare this fact with any PSD on the market -

on 1 set of AA battery,

PD7X copied 35.1G of data from CF card

That is truely AMAZING Performance :cool:

Aluminiun case - Very strong and light - look at the beautiful photo at the bottom

A very good FAQ can be found here

This is the BEST PSD I own so far, It would take a long while for

other manufacturer to catch up to PD7X's performance in every

aspect and durability (nice aluminiun case), however I am also

hoping to see some similar products from Nikon or Canon

because of their build quality, they surely realized PSD is a

necessity for DSLR users or even a compact to normal size

digital camera user (5, 7, 8mp CCD)

For the info on build in Charger please see below

Quote from dpreview forum by Paul Chen -

The build in charger is so good I end up (open/close the door) on the daily basis

and hope + pray the poor battery door hinge and clip will take up the abuse.

the 8 hour "Slow" charger does a wonderful job charging and maintaining the

battery, the battery is really "FULL Capacity" and does not even feel warm after

charging overnight, I really notice the difference on my power hungry Metz flash

gun, and I just realized my Powerex AA battery was never fully charged before

on the Maha 401's charger (fast mode),

From now on I will try not to charge my AA in Maha unless I really need them in

a hurry

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