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Longblades May 24, 2006 9:04 AM

[align=left]Not sure if this is the correct forum. Above message is what we get when trying to view 108 shots burned onto a CD. They number CIMG1376.JPG to CIMG1516.JPG, inclusive. Some numbers are missing as those shots were not good when viewed on the camera, a Casio QV-R51, and were deleted. All shots were clearly viewable while still on the camera's memory card (lexar 512mb). Unfortunately the card was erased after the CD was burned by a friend in Scotland on his home computer. The CD does contain viewable shots taken before and after the missing ones. Even stranger, the first damaged file can be seen completely, as a thumbnail, when the CD is viewed on the computer ( windows XP) but the "exists but...damaged" message is received when attempting to view it with any other photo viewer (adobe, win media, winamp, kodak easy share).[/align]

[align=left]Do we have any hope of retrieving these vacation photos? The friend across the pond, in Scotland, (we are in Ontario, Canada) no longer has the photos on his computer, if he ever did. Have tried two downloadable programs from the internet that are supposed to help retrieve these damaged files and was able to bring up some fractured pieces of photo but nothing good enough to keep. The few fractured photos retrieved this way looked sort of like what you'd see in a kalidescope. Not that it helps any now, but is it possible the CD had bad sections on it? Any help greatly appreciated.[/align]

E.T May 24, 2006 9:37 AM

Sounds much like media is corrupted/bad.
There's small thumbnail stored in EXIF metadata which is propably used by Windows.

Bad media woudl be easy to determine using Nero CD-DVD Speed.

If scan shows errors first thing to do would be slowing reading speed in hope that it helps drive read CD more accurately.
For that you can use either Nero Drivespeed or CD Bremse.

Other thing to do would be trying CD in other drive, some CD-ROM drives are lousy readers... CD-RW drive might be able to read it better.

BTW, what CD-R media is in question?
(brand, type and speed specification)
Also what drive you use to read disc? Windows shows it when you select properties of CD-ROM drive and and go to devices-tab.

JimC May 24, 2006 9:46 AM

The files are probably corrupted. How they got corrupted is the unknown.

Chances are, it was when burning the CD. I'd make sure you don't have any smudges on the CD that may be impacting it's readability, too. I personally don't trust CDs for anything important. I've seen too many problems with CDs that I've burned (although a bit or two flipped in an image file usually won't make that much difference).

The images could have been corrupted on the memory card, too. The thumbnails are a separate part of the JPEG Image (it's embedded in the jpeg file). So, just because the thumbnails are OK doesn't mean that the larger image is OK.

If you can't read them from CD using any of the popular image recovery utilities, then you may want to try reading them from the original memory card. Even it it's been erased, as long as you haven't overwritten them, you can try to get them back. But, if you've been using the memory card since then, chances are they're overwritten (or portions of them were overwritten). After you get your images back, I'd format the card via the camera's menus before using it again (in case your FAT is corrupted).

Here is a recent thread with links to some popular utilities that you may want to try to see if you can read them from the CD or memory card:;forum_id=52

Longblades May 24, 2006 11:49 AM

I just tried that Digital Image Recovery download from the referenced forum and got, at first glance, encouraging results. Closer examination though, revealed that 107 of the retrieved images were duplicates, cunningly disguised by a different image number. For example image#283 was the same as image#401. Now, is that weird, or what? One other image had no viewable thumbnail thus making up my total of 108 lost images.

The memory card has been completely written over twice since the lost photos, and with no problem on any other photos subsequent to the first lost ones.

Have not had a chance to try any of the other suggestions yet.

Jim C, if you've seen many problems with CDs, is there a better storage medium you could recommend?

JimC May 24, 2006 12:10 PM

I store my photos on hard disk drives. I keep two in my PC and one external drive for backups right now (and typically have the same photos on all 3 drives). I've also got a USB attached enclosure that uses laptop size drives I use to transfer stuff between machines at times.

I also have a few hard disk drives with copies of anything important on them at other locations.

No media is perfect, and hard disks fail, too. I just trust magnetic media more.

Many people use CDs for storage. But, I tend to play with a lot of Linux distros, and I sometimes see problems immediately after burning an ISO to CD (even using slower write speeds and verifying the media).

Often a simple smudge can cause problems, so I consider the media to be too delicate for important storage. If well taken care of, it's probably OK for most data. But, I just don't trust it.

bernabeu May 25, 2006 10:12 AM

try these CDs:

(you get what you pay for)

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