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I do not use my Canon S1 1S camera very much and only last week did I try the movie mode. The quality was very good. I still have the existing 32M compact flash in the camera that came with it. I would like to get another CF with lots of memory so I can shoot longer movies. The manual for my camera says my CF is a Type I and for movie mode I should get a high-speed CF. At Best Buy they have the San Disk Ultra II 1.0 and 2.0 GB Type I CF's which are rated at 10mb/9mb read/write. They also have the San Disk Extreme III 2.0 GB and also the PNY Otima Pro 2.0 GB which are rated at 20mb/20mb read/write. I don't know if the Extreme III and PNY are Types I or II. 4.0 GB are too expensive. Will all of these CF's work? Do I need a Type I only? If it will work, would I be better off getting the higher speed CF?
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Your camera model can use either Type 1 or Type 2 CompactFlash cards.

Type II CompactFlash Cards are very rare (with the exception of Microdrives, which are usually Type II devices).

So, it's extremely unlikely that any solid state Compactflash card you're looking at visiting typical retailers is a Type II card (which is a physically thicker card). But, your camera model will work with either type.

As for the speed of the card, it's not going to take advantage of the newest high speed cards. The camera isn't capable of writing to media that fast.

I'd stick with the Ultra II models if that's the best bang for the buck you're seeing, versus spending money on newer models like the Extreme III (unless the price difference is negligible and you may want to use the card in a faster camera or other device later).

Note that your camera model did have some compatiblity issues with some card brands with the original firmware that it shipped with. For example, some of the Kingston Elite Pro cards were *very* slow in this camera and would not work correctly with movies (with even standard speed CompactFlash cards testing *much* faster), due to some kind of compatiblity problem with this card.

So, you may want to check and make sure the camera has the updated firmware installed (which fixed some of the CompactFlash card compability issues). It may already have it installed (Canon changed it relatively early in the production run).

I do not think Sandisk Ultra II cards were a problem with either the original or later firmware versions though (the problems I've seen reported were mostly with Kingston Elite Pro Cards when the camera had the original firmware version installed). The firmware upgrade also addressed a few other issues. So, you may want to install it regardless if your camera is not using the latest version.


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I have a ultra II sandisc 2GB card that is the primary card I shoot to in my Fuji S-9100. I would recommend it highly. But, I would get it from newegg.com or bhphotovideo as their prices are usually cheaper. On my 640 x 480 video mode I can get over 22 minutes on a 2GB card.

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Thank you both for your replies. I did buy the SanDisk Ultra II 2.0GB compact flash card. It seems to work just fine. My camera estimates that I can shoot movies for about 22 minutes.
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