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Hi Folks!

My son just exchanged with me, he gave his one & half year old Lexar WA Pro 256 X-40 which he acquired when was visiting N.Y, and brought his Nikon D-70 kit at Adorama, I gave him my newer brought here in Israel Transcend 128 X-30.

My question, is if my newer acquired by me Fuji FinePix S-9500 camera which accept two kind of memory cards the Xd & CF..., my received Lexar one will write at the same speed that Fuji brand Xd one:?

Also for the Lexar my son gave an a "Plastic" card reader, he explain to me...that can be use ONLY...with the card that I received...trying to use such "Factory added gift" card reader, when he brought my received 256 WA 40X memory card...with another CF card will NOT work at all

It's that true if yes why:P.

Thanks so much to all of you who want to advice me!


Alex 007:-)
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Old Nov 12, 2005, 1:04 AM   #2
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Dear Alex 007,

If I understand you found the suppose faster CF the same writes speed as the Xd card? I found the same thing. When I bought my Fuji 9500, I used an old Sandisk CF card but I found it took approx. 2 secs to write a 9M Fine photo and the read speed was fustrating when I went to review the photos.

When I went to buy a new card for higher capacity, I tried the Kingston which has a fairly good read/write speed. To my surprise, the write speed seems to be same as my old CF card and the Xd card. The read speed was slightly faster.

I wonder if the limitation is on the camera?

How did your Transcend perform?

Regards, Allen

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Hello Allen!

My eldest son exchanged with me, and gave me his Lexar WA Pro 40X 256mb CF instead my Transcend one. Work well both of them.

However I finally acquired one xD Kodak (Made in Japan by Toshiba) also 256mb...which today I use it "Mainly"...I fit both the Lexar CF & the Kodak xD in the camera chamber, if some day I will need to take more photos, & one card will end...so I can continue taking photos with the second one in my case the Lexar CF one..which saddly writes slowly that the xD ones. Seems me that Fuji select this "Unfair" issue for sell his xD cards, which of course cost more that the same CF capacity.

The camera works well & I really love it!


Alex 007:|
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