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I just purchased a 1 gig Extreme lll card. My camera is a Cool Pix 8800 and can't take full advantage of the speed this card offers. However, I always use a card reader to transfer files from my card to PC. Therefore, I want the fastest card time available when I am moving files from card to PC. 1 gig is a lot of data and with a slow card the wait times are terribly slow. Also, I may someday own a camera that can read and write to these faster cards.
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Well, its a question of cost, isn't it? Faster, bigger cards cost more.

I have a "slow" 256mb card but I dump the contents of it onto my drive about every 80 shots or so, so the download time is only about 2 minutes maximum.

If you're downloading is slow, it could be because your going through a USB 1.0 connection on your PC, which is a fairly slow transfer. USB 1.0 is 40 times slower than USB 2.0. An even marginally faster connection is Firewire, which is just a little faster than USB 2.0 for some operations.

If you want real speed, buy a camera with a firewire port.Just plug the firewire cable into your camera and into your firewire port on your pc. The firewire connection will download your photos lighting fast, and you can leave your card inyour camera and never take it out!

Just reformatyour cardwhen you've finished downloading your images.

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